Did you know that 4 out of every 10 children are not ‘ready’ for school when they begin?

This often happens when the golden ‘pre-school’ years are not taken advantage of the right way.

There’s no alternative for bad learning. If it’s not proper, it’s improper, and that’s counter-productive for your child.

Children under age 5 absorb, learn, and store over 85% of their brains’ potential for their whole life. That’s why it’s essential to enrol your child in an early learning system that’s not only reliable but proven during these precious and important years.

At Little Miracles, we don’t just care for your child, we help shape their future.

From the way they’re spoken to, the activities they play, and ‘what’ and ‘how’ they learn, we make sure they’re given the best opportunity for success through the highest quality care and education.

Flying Start

Our unique School Readiness Program called Flying Start© is now responsible for over 95% of children leaving for school with a reading ability at Level one or above. That’s very promising for your child. That’s giving them the edge they need.

Little Miracles is the perfect companion for both YOU and YOUR CHILD.

Our curriculum keeps pace with your child’s natural learning ability, and helps promote their talents and attributes in the most effective way, while preparing them to be ‘confident’ and ‘ready’ for school.

Culture of Honour

Our ‘Culture of Honour’ is an effective philosophy that encourages respect and positive treatment towards each other, including children, parents, and educators.


Baby Sleep Environment

Do you need a reliable and comfortable day care facility for your baby? You’ll love our popular in-house Baby Sleep Environment. Specially designed and prepared to give your baby a sound and restful sleep, and keep them amused and intrigued with our ‘starry night’ galaxy ceiling display when they awake.

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What Other Parents Say About Little Miracles

  • I started my son Sam in Little Miracles in March and he has almost remembered the whole alphabet with the way teach your toddler to read teaches as a fun way to memorize letters and sounds. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been copying her brother with the actions as Sam shows her when saying the sounds. I personally think it’s a very great concept for toddlers to learn letters and sounds.
    Melissa Bonaventura, Brookvale
  • Teach your toddler to read is a great program that is interesting and educational for children and easy for parents to integrate into  everyday life. If my 2y/o is having difficulty pronouncing a word, I break it down using the sounds and songs from TYTTR and it helps him immediately. It easy, effective and enjoyable.
    Teira Jansen, Brookvale
  • am an avid reader and always have been and I knew that passing that on to my child was not only important, but would be a joy. Oliver has thrived under the TYTTR program and is so proud of himself when he recognises letters and short words throughout the pages. He now refers to his collection of books as “O.B’s Library” and I have just bought shelves to make it look like one, too. Reading is a great joy and one of life’s simple pleasures. I hope Oli continues to love stories, both reading and sharing them. 
    Erin English, Blaxland
  • TYTTR is a fantastic program that is fun and educational for children of all ages. My 8 month old loves looking at the pictures and trying to sound out the sounds. She is already saying m m m, a a a, d d d and b b b. Sally has done a fantasic job. Thank you Little Miracles so much.
    Char McAllister, Morisset
  • We love singing the tyttr song as we brush teeth as it has a good rhythm for brushing! 
    Juliet Wendon, Caringbah
  • I love the fact that my children are actually enjoying learning letters and the alphabet. I love hearing them saying their letter rhymes like “hats on horses h h h” This program makes it fun and achievable. They are both so fond of reading and I enjoy reading stories with them of an evening just before bed. Hayden is now starting to read me the story which is fantastic.
    Liesel Simpson, Blaxland
  • Gracie loves this program! She has so much confidence when it comes to books and can recognise the letters and sounds easily. I love how this program opens their little ears and eyes to literacy. It gives them a wonderful foundation on which to build on at school and makes that first year of kindergarten a little less daunting! 
    Leanne Brooke, Terrigal

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